London Perl Workshop 2018, recaps

London Perl Workshop 2018, recaps

The London Perl Workshop happened this past weekend (November 24th, 2018), and while it was a bit outside our commute range, several members of the community have kindly shared their experiences at the workshop. We’ve compiled a list of them here, in order of publication:

We’ll update this post with additional reports if we see any. (If you do, please comment below, or reach out on social media or otherwise.)

We’ll also update this post with links to videos of the talks, when/if they are published.

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2 Replies to “London Perl Workshop 2018, recaps”

  1. “We’ve compiled a list of them here, in order of publication”

    Not that it really matters, but I’m pretty sure that Mohammed’s post came first (because he’s always first) and mine was published the day after the other two.

    1. Thanks Dave. I used the order that they showed up in my social media feed, but meant to check the timestamps on the blog pages. Looks like Neil (date, but no timestamp) and Mohammad both published on Sunday, and you on Monday. Hard to say which of the two was first on Sunday. (I checked the Last-Modified header, but both show dates 1 or 2 days later.) Like you say, it hardly matters, but I needed some order to follow. I’ll swap the order of the last two.

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