German Perl Workshop 2019, Recaps

German Perl Workshop 2019, Recaps

We’re thankful to the attendees of regional Perl conferences that take the time to write-up their experiences and share them with those in other parts of the world. Here Thomas Klausner (domm) and Martin sum up their time spent at the 2019 German Perl Workshop, which happened March 6th – 8th in Munich.

In Thomas Klausner’s (domm) recap he says “Perl 6 keeps getting to look cooler and cooler.” He talks about some of the hardware hacking projects seen at the workshop, and seemed to pick Moving Mountains With Perl as one of his favorite talks (a talk that combines hardware hacking, photography, and a bit of Perl). And then he muses:

At least 40% of the talks could be of interest to people who do not primarily care about Perl (and I assume that some of the Perl content can be of interest, too). So maybe we can get out of our echo chamber and promote our events (or at least parts of them) explicitly to non-Perl groups. Hm, and I guess that the inverse is also true: Visit some non-Perl events!

He concludes by listing the three talks he presented, including Deploying Perl Apps using Docker, Gitlab & Kubernetes.

In Martin’s recap he says “Perl 6 has some interesting idioms harnessing concurrency,” and “contrary to some language popularity rankings, the job market for Perl programmers seems remarkably stable.” He found a talk on IO::Socket::SSL::Utils useful, and noted that Munich was a good place to get around using a folding bike.

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