PerlCon Europe 2019, recaps

PerlCon Europe 2019, recaps

The 2019 European Perl Conference (formerly YAPC::Europe) has concluded. Below we have collected and summarized the write-ups published by community members who attended. If you have a write-up you’d like added to the list, please get in touch (post a comment below or reach out on Twitter).

During the conference a vote was held, and it was decided that the 2020 European Perl Conference will be held next year in Amsterdam:


  • Dave Cross – PerlCon Europe 2019
    Dave describes the conference travel log-style, giving his opinion on some talks as well as the social events that happened in between. He says he was impressed with Sawyer X’s vision for Perl’s future; he found Thomas Klausner (domm) talk on deploying Perl using Docker relevant; Curtis Poe’s talk on Testing Lies taught him to “never trust anyone who claims that something is ‘always true'” ; he thought Hauke Dämpfling’s WebPerl – Run Perl in the Browser! “was certainly very clever, but I’m not sure how useful it is”; he was “blown away” by the proposal to rename Perl 6 in Liz Mattijsen’s keynote DeMythifying Perl 6. Dave was also there as a presenter, and give the talks Monoliths, Balls of Mud and Silver Bullets, Measuring the Quality of your Perl Code, and a lightning talk on an Apollo 11 Twitterbot.
  • Thomas Klausner (domm) – PerlCon 2019 in Rīga
    domm thought the organizers “did a great job organizing another wonderful Perl conference, for the second time in Rīga.” He gives a bullet-list of notable quotes and facts gathered from the conference, such as “The Perl test suite runs more than 1,200,000 tests”, “PostgreSQL is fast out of the box, Oracle is expensive out of the box”, and “IRC is like slack without gifs.” domm also presented at the conference: Deploying Perl Apps using Docker, Gitlab & Kubernetes, Things I’ve learned at ‘Advent of Code’, and lightning talks including one on Acme::ReturnValues. domm concludes with “Please also check out the general PerlCon Wiki, where we try to amass all knowledge needed so we can continue to have great Perl conferences. If you want to participate and help, please join the Venue mailinglist!”
  • Mohammad S Anwar – The PerlCon 2019 Riga – Report
    Mohammad also took a travel log approach to his report, giving a good feel for what it was like to be there in person, what fellow attendees he socialized with, and the food he enjoyed. Among the talks he attended he said he “really enjoyed” SawyerX’s keynote talk “Perl 5: The past, the present, and one possible future”; he thought Saif Ahmed’s “Quick and Dirty GUI Applications using GUIDeFATE (revisited)” was “really nicely presented”; Kenichi Ishigaki’s “Recent PAUSE Changes” made him “pleased to know that lots of improvement work is on going”; he found Hauke Dämpfling’s talk about “WebPerl – Run Perl in the Browser” to be an “eye opener”; and “Human Determination: A critique of CAPTCHAs” by Job “was the funniest talk I have ever attended in my life.” Mohammad adds that he “enjoyed all the lightning talks, specially one by Mallory.”
    Mohammad presented his own talks, too, including  “CPAN Contributors: Do’s and Dont’s”,  “Protect your Perl script from common security issues”, and the lightning talk “Introduction to Perl Weekly Challenge”.
  • José Joaquín Atria – PerlCon in Rīga
    José notes that he was happy to see familiar faces and that “I’m part of a community, and that by participating in it we are all richer.” He writes about Larry’s absence from the conference, and that the community should prepare for Larry’s eventual retirement. José says a bit about the talks he attended: he said “The changes [Sawyer X] dared to imagine [in his keynote] are profound, but I think they would be very welcome.” He found Liz Mattijsen’s take on the Perl 6 rename issue “particularly startling since in the past she’s been strongly on the ‘no need for a name change’ camp.” He said Jonathan Worthington talk on Perl 6 concurrency showed some “Really wonderful stuff,” including “one of the first commercial deployments of Perl 6.” He was also impressed with the performance improvements in P6 covered in another Worthington talk.
    José presented a talk on game development in Perl 5.
  • Andrew Shitov – The PerlCon 2019 conference in Rīga behind the scene
    Andrew’s write up was from an organizer’s perspective. He says this was “the third PerlCon in its 20-year history that [he has] organised.” He talks about the challenges of organizing an event happening in another country, requiring 7 trips to Riga, and 2-weeks on-site; how the planning used a business mindset that informed the ticket packages offered and the e-commerce site to sell tickets and related services; that there were so many Perl 6 talks that it was difficult to avoid having them overlap; and finally he shares some stats such as the conference site was built with Perl 5 and XSLT in 10K+ lines of code; that there were 58 talks, 35+ speakers, and 200 attendees from 20 countries. An impressive feat for such a small organizing team.


  • Jonathan Worthington shares a tweet with talk slides:


If you didn’t attend the conference, a recording of each day’s live stream is available here. (Eventually it will be edited into individual talks, and we’ll update this to point to the playlist.)

Note: The Perl Shop was a media sponsor for PerlCon.

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